student-centered K–8 education

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Based in Alexandria, Virginia, the River Farm Cooperative School (RFC) offers a dynamic and rigorous education program for students in grades K – 8. Our teacher-led cooperative school is based on the premise that both parents and children are integral parts of a school community of lifelong learners. 

The importance of developing and nurturing a love of learning is always kept at the forefront of our minds. Nature, movement, the arts, and foreign language – so commonly lacking in the school experience – are a priority for our cooperative. In addition, the pursuit of rigorous academics is rightly given its due attention, with each classroom being led by a highly qualified lead teacher.

RFC students are engaged, active, and joyful learners. The small class sizes allow for daily outdoor explorations, connecting the children to their daily program of study. The children get a great start to each day by beginning it with a yoga and mindfulness class. Frequent field trips (1-2x/month) enrich their theme-based classwork with experiences such as a day at the National Gallery of Art, a visit to Mount Vernon, or a simple hike in the forest next to our school.