student-centered K–8 education

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Because as families, we all want the right fit for our children. And we believe, like you, that the school experience doesn’t have to mean a lack of outdoor time, movement/physical education, mindfulness, socio-emotional development, foreign language, family involvement, and recognition of spirit at the heart of childhood. In fact, it should be just the opposite. We are a teacher-led, parent powered cooperative offering small mixed age class sizes for students in grades K-8.

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, River Farm Cooperative School (RFC) has three classrooms (Lower Elementary K-2, Upper Elementary 3-5, Middle School 6-8). Each are led by a lead teacher providing instruction across the curriculum - from math, grammar and spelling, science, social studies, art, writing, and relationship development.

Our small class sizes (maximum 14 students) allow for daily outdoor explorations in all seasons, connecting the children to their daily program of study. The children start each day with a yoga, breath-work, and mindfulness class. They enjoy Spanish instruction twice a week and movement opportunities weekly with instruction in a variety of activities such as, soccer, dance, martial arts, swimming, tennis. Field trips (minimum once a month) add to their classwork with experiences such as a day at NOAA, Smithsonian Institutes, State and County Nature Preserves, Engineering Fair, or up-close on the Farm.