Is RFC a good fit for our family?


Expectations for Goodness of Fit:

  • Can I or a family member commit to co-op requirements 10-15 times per year?

  • We have an interest in and the time to commit to getting in the required 20 community hours each year.

  • We are available and interested in attending the parent education offered, six hours of which count towards the total 20 community hours annually.

  • We agree to get CPR/First Aid training, mandated reporter training, and abuse signs and symptoms training.

  • We're comfortable with a Sociocractic form of governance, to which RFC is committed, which stresses a community where all voices matter, decision by consent, and action-driven circles.

  • We get that RFC is built by parents and are committed to helping nurture school growth.

  • We have an idea of how our family can contribute to the school, through the family job role, in ways that will help strengthen the school.

  • Do our family values align with RFC's interpretation of Progressive Education?

  • We value diversity, pluralism, intersectionality, and agree to help create spaces where all members feel safe and belong.

  • We are committed to time spent outside on a daily basis, in all types of weather.

  • We are looking for a small community that is familial nature.

  • If we are uncomfortable or unhappy with how things are going, we can express our feelings in an acceptable manner to the appropriate person.